International Payments

Make payments to more than 200 countries easily

HanzePay believes in a transparent financial sector. You can make payments to more than 200 countries quickly and easily via an easy-to-use platform. Your transaction can be easily tracked in the platform using our SWIFT GPI tracker. With every transaction we show the MT103 form so that you know exactly where your transaction is. You can share this form with the beneficiary so that they are also informed.

That is so transparent.

Within our state of the art platform you can easily convert currencies and send them worldwide in a few clicks.

HanzePay offers the following currencies within the platform.


Within the platform you can create more than 31 multi-currency accounts. The multi-currency accounts are in Europe, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This way you always have an account close to your customer.

Multi currency account

HanzePay makes it easier to do business internationally. With the multi-currency accounts you can easily: receive, convert and send funds from 1 platform anywhere in the world.

Our greatest asset is the knowledge we transfer to help you. We are a team of passionate experts who solve complex problems through the right focus and dedication.

We are inspired by the knowledge that we are helping the global economy by eliminating the problem associated with traditional methods of moving money abroad. 

What are the advantages of a HanzePay account?

– All multi-currency accounts in 1 platform

– Always an account close to your customer

– Your custumor can easily pay you in their own currency

– Always an expert close by 

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