Currency Conversions

Convert currencies in our state of the art platform

HanzePay believes in a transparent financial world. For example, it offers bank beating rates via an easy-to-use platform. Each customer knows in advance at what percentage they can convert the currencies. This way you are always aware of the costs.

That is so transparent.

Within our state of the art platform you can easily convert currencies and send them worldwide in a few clicks.
HanzePay offers the following currencies within the platform.


Within the platform you can create more than 31 multi-currency accounts and perform simple, spot and term transactions. The bank accounts are in Europe, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This way you always have an account close to your customer.

With a forward exchange contract you can lock the price of “today” for a date or period in the future. You must always fulfill the contract. That means you are also taking a risk. After all, if you do not need the currencies, you are obliged to buy the currencies.

HanzePay offers both fixed and flexible forward contracts on the platform. A fixed forward contract allows you to convert currencies at a specific date in the future at ‘’today’s’’ rate. A flexible forward contract allows you to convert currencies in a specific period in the future at the “today” rate.

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Pay attention. the above is not advice. This text is to inform you about the possibilities within HanzePay.

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