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HanzePay offers FX products in the north of the Netherlands. A major mismatch has arisen between banks and SMEs, whereby SMEs no longer receive the attention they deserve. HanzePay jumps in on this as a currency broker to give back the services that SMEs were used to. So that all entrepreneurs with questions can turn to a trusted partner.

We help you to grow through knowledge and IT with a personal touch. For example, you can come to our office in Zwolle with all your questions and we will explain it to you without using unclear jargon.

About Marcel Drenth

Due to Marcel Drenth’s many years of experience in the financial sector, he knows exactly where the mismatch arose. He does this differently with HanzePay. ”The financial sector must once again be at the service of the customer”


Our mission is to make the financial sector transparent and simple again so that all customers understand what they are buying. Within 5 years we want to become the broker of the north and long-term clients to us.


We believe in a fair and transparent financial system, in which all entrepreneurs are honestly and clearly informed about the products that are offered.

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